France – We Got Lost in Nice

Arriving in Nice, France

Nice in the French Riviera of France is where I spent my first few days of the new year with my friend Suliet. We got straight off the plane, Ubered to our Airbnb and was greeting by this stunning beach en route.

I’d missed sand and sea so much that as soon as we were settled in we headed right back down to the beach and had lunch. At Blue Beach I got the Loup (sea bass) which I thought was pretty delicious. It was a bit blander than I was used to but I appreciated the focus being on the natural flavour of the fish. Plus I adore fish and have recently adopted an allergy to some of my faves so this was a treat for me!

For dessert I went for the cheesecake which was delicious! Honestly this trip revamped my love for dessert (see the chocolate cake later) and I’ve been trying to order it more at dinner these days.

Our Little French Studio Apartment

Our Airbnb was super affordable, five min walk from the beach, very clean and modern. We loved it!

Getting Lost in Nice

On our second day we decided to hit up some museums. I’m generally not the museum type but it had been awhile so I was pretty pumped about getting art cultured in Nice. Our plan was to go to three art galleries/museums. We even had our day pass, which we got from Musée D’art Moderne et D’art Contemporain (Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, pictured below). When we got our pass we realised that it also granted us entry to two other museums that were on our list. So that was an awesome surprise and I was even happier about saving on any further entry fees. But of course things don’t always go to plan and as you’ll see if you watch the video we ended up getting lost on some back roads after walking for what seemed like hours. In the end we had to Uber our way to the next museum and barely caught them before closing…

Le Moelleux Chocolat
[Molten Chocolate Cake]

I can not express to you how bloody happy I was to see this on the dessert menu in La Havane one night. You see one of my favourite films of all time is Intouchables (2011) and in one scene the character Driss makes this big fuss at restaurant about his chocolate cake being all raw and gooey. The waiter explains to him that that’s what molten chocolate cake is and Driss and Philippe end up having a good laugh about it. Since then I always wanted to have molten chocolate cake in France and I did it and it was gloriously delicious. I definitely can’t wait until my next!

Monte Carlo, Monaco

When we found out how close Monaco was to Nice we couldn’t resist not going on our last full day. The small country which is mainly made up of its capital city is just off the coast of France. The first thing I noticed, after our short €5 trip on the train, was the vibe. It was evidently different from the French city we’d just left. The people, transport and atmosphere. We felt like we were on holiday again (even though we already were) which was awesome. Bare in mind it is an expensive city, hosting the Grand Prix annually and inviting some of the wealthiest people to visit.

But the view was something out of postcards… None of my pictures do it justice!

While in Monte Carlo we visited the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, did some window shopping and ate delicious Italian food. I really loved the mashup of cultures we found there especially the French and Italian influence. Plus English was widely spoken which is always a bonus for a spontaneous short trip like this.

On our last day in Nice, before heading to the airport, I got my first ever french manicure and we ended up having great conversation with the owner who gave us awesome travel trips and fascinating stories. This whole exchange was done in broken French which gave us a run for our money and a chance to finally practice conversation, outside of ordering food.

All in all our trip turned out to be the perfect amount of time (4 days) and combination of activities as well as some off the beaten path exploration (aka getting lost in a foreign country). I’d love see more of France, especially the Southern parts and definitely around spring/summer next time for more options of things to do.

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