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7 Things I Missed About Living in London

7 things I have missed about London.

I’ve been travelling for awhile now and after a long stopover in Vancouver that lasted 3 years I have a new appreciation for a lot things now that I’m back in London.

1. Healthcare
Healthcare is one of those things you don’t really give much thought to until you’re in the emergency room on NYE screaming in pain, only to hear it’ll cost you $2000 to see a doctor and maybe get some tests done (no treatment included.) Yes, this happened to me while I was still just visiting in Canada so I hadn’t yet started visa/insurance process and even after that it was $70+ a month to be enrolled on the Canadian Medical Service Plan. Let’s just say I’ll never take my free healthcare for granted again and RIP the $250 I had to pay to see a doctor the next day (no way in hell was I paying $2000!)

2. Diversity
Vancouver lacks blacks. It bothered more than it probably should have but with every month that passed I felt like I was losing a part of my culture. Thankfully this reversed pretty quick when I moved home. I could rave about the mishmash of beautiful culture that fills the streets of London but it honestly wouldn’t do it justice. If you’ve been here you’ve seen it first-hand, if you haven’t then get your butt over here and get cultured 😉

3. London Weather
Okay, so the weather in London can be a tad unpredictable but that’s nothing in comparison to the rain struggles of Vancouver:

Note: One of the reasons I wanted to get out of London was to escape the gloomy weather. Now I’m revelling in the “heat waves”, clear skies and all-round unpredictably nice summer we’re having here this year.

4. Cost
As major cities go London really isn’t that expensive if you’re living there and even if you’re visiting now thanks to the Brexit fiasco. Since my return, after every Tesco visit I’ve been laughing myself home at how much I bought for so little and Tesco isn’t even the cheapest. However, Vancouver turned out to be more expensive than I’d bargained for. The cost of housing: atrocious. Cost of food: not great but manageable. Cost of transit/travel: cheap within the Lower Mainland but pretty expensive to get to other countries, don’t even ask about other cities within Canada. Aah the price we pay for beauty!

Vancouver, BC
Vancouver, BC

5. Endless Things To Do In London
Big city = Lots and lots to do. Here are just a few. Not to mention the cost of most museums in London (FREE), to name some: the British museum, Tate Modern, V&A and Science Museum. Oh London, I was so young and naïve when I said I hated museums, now when the rain comes I can make great use of them.

6. Travelling & The Tube
As someone who likes to travel being able to get from city to city, country to country is important to me. London happens to be one of the easiest cities to do that from. Getting anywhere in Europe is no problem, going further afield not too expensive. It’s a massive hub for travel and I love that about it. Plus getaways to most popular European destinations are fairly cheap. Then there’s travelling within London: super easy to do, although you might have to fight your way onto the central line if you work a 9-5.

7. Friends & Family
Homesickness is real and the no.1 thing that gets me every time is not being able to see my family and friends. Yes, I get to make awesome new ones along the way and build a network of them all over the globe but sometimes you just want to catch up on the latest with your girls accompanied by delicious cocktails. Or to sleep in your childhood bed after a hot meal cooked by your mum.

I made a video that goes into more detail and also some exciting news:

6 thoughts on “7 Things I Missed About Living in London”

  1. I hear you Abi and thanks for making this video, I always think I want to move and go and live elsewhere. But I am 100% sure I will miss England, & everything we take for granted.

    1. I do still think it’s good to get out there. I only started missing everything in the last few years before that I loved living abroad. But I appreciate it all a lot more now that I’ve been away so don’t let that stop you 🙂

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